Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank You, Hillary

Senator Clinton has been the subject of much criticism recently. She was condemned by many in her party for her "Non-concession" speech last Wednesday. In addition, she has been criticized, especially by the media and Obama supporters (one and the same?), for not pulling out of the race earlier. Much of this frustration also came from those who had simply grown tired of the race and wanted it to be over.

I would like to offer a different perspective. Clinton should be thanked for staying in the race until all the states and territories had a chance to vote. Think about how remarkable this race has been. Everyone who is a Democrat or lives in an open primary state got a chance to vote in a genuine contest!

In every presidential primary since I was eligible to vote the race was over by the time it got to my state, except for this year. Unless you've lived in one of those early primary or caucus states most of your life, this is true for you too. I wonder how many of those who wanted Clinton to pull out already had their chance to vote? I wish more candidates would stay in the race longer, as Clinton did. If candidates must endure the public pounding from the media for doing so, however, they will likely succumb the pressure, for few candidates have the cojones of Hillary Clinton.

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