Monday, July 7, 2008

Faux Environmentalism, Part II

Thanks to everyone who contributed in the comment section on my previous post on Faux Environmentalism. I especially thank Fr. Peter Doodes, who suggested the following video. It essentially makes my same point, though in a more humorous way. Namely, much of what we do in the name of environmentalism actually does more harm to the environment than doing nothing. This is especially true when it comes to companies that try to sell us their "environmental" products, as if we can buy our way to a better planet.

If we really want more environmentally friendly products, we should think about the entire life cycle of the products. How much energy did it take to manufacture the parts, ship the parts, assemble the parts, and ship the product to its final destination. And then, when you are finished using the product, what happens to it. Can it be recycled or will it end up in a landfill?

Formula One designer Gordon Murray is on the right track. He has designed a "city car" that will use a minimal number parts, take up little space (3 can fit in a normal parking spot), gets 60 mpg, and most of the parts could be recycled after it no longer runs.


Xylie said...

Excellent Post!!

Tracy said...

wow - numbing video & post.
going green really means living simply, locally & less.
keep these posts coming

Gerry said...

I found your blog through your wife's blog site. Politics is one of my passions so I enjoy reading another perspective. I agree with you about the faux environmentalism. It is a sham.

Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, very insightful! Thanks for the tip, I edited my blog. Good luck on the move to Athens, glad you will be closer to us.