Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My VP Picks

For most Americans, experience does not seem to matter much when choosing our President. Governors with no Washington level experience have been popular choices. This describes four of our last five presidents. This time, both parties chose Senators, but neither has executive branch experience. I believe our presidents should have some combination of executive branch and federal level experience. It's too late to convince you, the voters, to apply this standard for the top of the ticket, but I can make some suggestions to our nominees for the VP slot. (I'm sure they read this blog, don't you?) So, Senator's Obama and McCain here are my suggestions for Vice President.

Suggestions for Barack Obama:
  1. Bill Richardson: US House Member, UN Ambassador, Secretary of Department of Energy, Governor of New Mexico
  2. Evan Bayh: Governor of Indiana, US Senator
  3. Ted Strickland: US House Member, Governor of Ohio
  4. Al Gore: US House Member, US Senator, Vice President

Suggestions for John McCain:
  1. Rob Portman: US House Member, US Trade Representative, OMB Director
  2. Tom Ridge: US House Member, Governor of Pennsylvania, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
  3. Bobby Jindal: US House Member, Governor of Louisiana
  4. Mark Sanford: US House Member, Governor of South Carolina

Anyone you would add to the list?


    Becoming Me said...

    I hadn't thought of Ridge for VP until now. I think he'd be a good choice.

    Stephen Maynard Caliendo said...

    I'd be shocked if it was Ridge because Ridge is pro-choice. Besides that, he'd be great, but given McCain's struggle with the far right, that might be a significant problem.

    Very interesting picks overall, though!

    Tracy said...

    wow - I have to admit I've been pretty lazy at keeping up w/politics - so I'll have to do some research on these choices - interesting . . .

    Anonymous said...

    Mitt Romney would be a good choice for McCain. Economics is his forte, and McCain has already said that the economy isn't his strong point. His conservative credentials would increase his support with the far right, and his background would swing Michigan to McCain's side and give him a foothold in the Northeast, a place not exactly friendly to Republicans.

    Anonymous said...

    Sarah Palin...Govenor of Alaska