Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top 5: News Stories You may have Missed Because of the Election and Financial Crisis

1. North Korea is restarting its nuclear weapons program and its leader is ill. Also, it has started upgrading a ballistic missile site. Not a good combination if you ask me. Absent the election and financial crisis, this would have been the top news.

2. Somalia pirates captured a bunch of Russian tanks. Apparently, they did know what the cargo was before they boarded. They are demanding a $20 million ransom for return of the cargo.

3. The US will provide nuclear technology to India. As part of the agreement, India would stop nuclear weapons tests. The Senate approved the treaty today. Someday, we may look back on this as one of Bush's greatest foreign policy achievements.

4. Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan says that more troops are urgently needed. Insurgents from Pakistan are crossing into Afghanistan to fight the NATO forces. Speaking of Pakistan--

5. Pakistan's new president, Ali Zardari (Benazir Bhutto's husband), told US troops to stay out of his country. Since then, Pakistani forces have been in a major battle with militants, one of the worst bombings in Pakistan's history took place at a hotel frequented by Al Zardari, and the Pakistani military fired warning shots at a US helicopter inside Pakistan's borders.

Some other honorable mentions: the Supreme Court decided to hear two separate cases dealing with Native American rights, a multi-state and federal authority crackdown on gangs led to the arrest of 1,759, the Mars rover may have found snow, and Paul Newman died.

Any that I missed?


Sonya said...

Thanks, Napp. I've been out of the country, so extra out of the loop. I did watch the debate, however.

Tracy said...

It's easy to want to be spoonfed the news - but we rarely seem to get world news. Real world news.

DKay said...

I am sure Britney or Paris did something stupid....