Friday, October 10, 2008

What the Candidates Don't Tell You

Personal finance blogger Ramit Sethi has a list of 9 truths that neither candidate will tell you about your money. Here one part worth quoting:
Things will get more expensive. Taxes will eventually go up. They have to. Costs of ordinary goods will go up. They always do. If you’re expecting it to get easier, you’re wrong. The key is to make more money and cut your costs. Sadly, Americans are poorly versed in being frugal. You think it makes sense to buy a new car every few years? You think it’s normal to eat out 5 times per week (lunch and dinner)? You feel good about yourself for ordering water when you go to a restaurant, but you blew $50,000 because you didn’t take the time to understand your mortgage? You’re not frugal. But a few more years of an economy like this and things just might change.
David Brooks made a similar point on NPR's All Things Considered; the candidates "totally excuse the American people, as if these sub-prime loans were forced upon people."

Neither candidate wants to be the bearer of bad news. This reluctance, unfortunately, also means that we are not hearing the whole truth about the financial crisis. Instead, candidates are leading voters to think that it's not our fault. By pointing their fingers at Wall Street CEOs, predatory lenders, lobbyists, and "Big Oil", they are helping Americans to avoid personal responsibility.

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Hey Napp,
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