Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama-McCain Similarities

Elections are about differences. Candidates will spend a lot of time telling you how they are different from their opponent. In this climate differences are often exaggerated. In the heat of political campaign we often here dire predictions about what would happen if the other candidate gets elected. But Obama and McCain actually share a lot of policy positions. Here are 10 examples:

1. The 2nd Amendment is about an individual’s right to own firearms.

2. Increase forces in Afghanistan.

3. Willing to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty to catch a suspected terrorist.

4. Supported the $700 billion financial rescue bill.

5. Keep taxes on dividends low. (McCain wants them lower, but even Obama does not want them as high as the highest income tax rate, a traditional Democratic view.)

6. Reward good teachers with higher pay.

7. Invest more money in wind, solar, and clean coal power.

8. Provide tax credits for the purchase of low emission vehicles.

9. Secure our borders and provide a path to citizenship to undocumented workers without a criminal record.

10. Georgia should be allowed in NATO.

I could've made the list a lot longer. The point here is NOT that it doesn't matter who you vote for. There would certainly be differences between an Obama presidency and a McCain presidency. But, the differences would not be as large as you are led to believe by the campaigns. Liberals would likely be surprised, and upset, at how conservative an Obama presidency would be; and, conservatives would likely be surprised, and upset, at how liberal a McCain presidency would be.

So, if your candidate loses tomorrow, you can take heart in the fact that our system of government favors moderation. And in another four years, you'll have another chance. If your candidate wins, brace yourself for some disappointments.

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Anonymous said...

Don't confuse "Republican" and "Conservative". Most Conservatives would not be surprised with how liberal McCain would have been. Most were not inclined to vote for him - just ask Ann Coulter. The differences in Federal judges would be significant. Also, Obama has a radical pro-chioce agenda.