Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Top 5: Exit Poll Results

I looked at the exit polls from CNN and the New York Times for these results. Keep in mind that exit polls are notoriously inaccurate because Democrats are more likely to participate in the poll. Just think of these as preliminary numbers, with more accurate polls coming later.
  1. Suburbanites: Obama 50%; McCain 48%
  2. Latinos: Obama 66%; McCain 32%
  3. Catholics: Obama won 54% of all Catholics, 47% of white Catholics; 49% of Catholics who attend Mass weekly; 58% of Catholics who attend Mass less often
  4. Married Females: Married women with kids supported Obama 51% to 47%. Married women without kids supported McCain 53% to 44%. These results are interesting. My best guess is that those with kids are more worried about the economy and those voters went strongly for Obama. Can you think of another explanation?
  5. Reagan Democrats: 83% of Democrats who voted for Clinton supported Obama.
Some other notable results from the exit polls:

Eighty-five percent of those polled said that they are worried about economic conditions. Of those, 54% voted for Obama. Of those who were not worried, 65% voted for McCain.

Sixty percent of those polled said that McCain's choice of Palin was a factor in their vote. Of these, 56% voted for McCain. This suggests that Palin helped more than she hurt the ticket.

Those who attend worship services weekly supported McCain (55%). Obama was supported by those who attend occasionally (57%) and never (67%).

Anything else you find interesting from the exit polls?


Bitter Man said...

#4 Married women without children are more likely to have high-compensation jobs outside the home, and thus the combined salaries are more likely to be at or close to the level where Obama's tax plan is likely to pinch. It is, however, surprising that married women without children would seem more likely to be pro-choice and thus attracted to Obama. Just a guess.

The Editor said...

I heard that McCain attracted 89% of the Republican vote, but only 78% of the self-described Conservative vote. I am not sure exactly what that means, but it is interesting.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Nothing to do with the polls Dr. Napp, but on this side of the Atlantic many of us stayed up (around 3am)to watch the live results and the rallies and some watched the US coverage via the internet.

My thoughts are that President Elect Obama has just been voted into creation's equivalent
the last chance saloon.

He has the power and authority to act as the leader of the free world in dealing with two major wars, the convergence of an awful financial crisis coupled with a deep environmental crisis, as global warming fundamentally alters the work of God's hands, the very moment he enters the Oval Office.

It will be a very difficult journey for him with many problems and pitfalls on the way but many of us over here were heartened by what came over in reporting as an amazing turnout and his majority.

He certainly has my prayers and I have no doubt those of many, many others in the UK as well.


karenwalker said...

Re #3- Interesting article in NYTimes