Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 5: Predictions for 2009

  1. Obama and Democratic congressional leaders will avoid any issue dealing with homosexuality and abortion (except to modify the Mexico City policy).

  2. Russia will invade a former Soviet satellite nation.

  3. Olympia Snowe will break with Republicans to enable Obama to pass a major piece of his legislative agenda.

  4. Illinois Governor Blagojevich will voluntarily step down without being indicted or impeached.

  5. A Republican will win Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

We'll see how well I do this time next year. What are some of your predictions? Put them in the comment section and we'll see how well you do as well.

In LAPs last poll (n=13), 53% of respondents said that 2008 was not a realigning election, 0% said it was, and 46% said it depended on Obama's actions. For January's poll, I'm asking for your predictions on the economy. Will it be worse, or better, this time next year?


Mel said...

I am a terrible prognosticator LOL...but I will make this prediction that Obama and the Dems will overreach very quickly on the Economic stimulus.

Jake said...

These are interesting predictions. The one I think you are wrong on is Blagojevich. I think the Senate Democrats and pundits are underestimating his resolve. I think this goes to the wire. He gets impeached by the Illinois House, and if he resigns, it is only during the Illinois Senate trial.

Tracy said...

Very interesting - but I will not venture to make any predictions!

Catherine said...

Under what guise do you think Russia will invade a satellite country?