Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 5: Predictions for 2010

These were my predictions for 2009:
  1. Obama and Democratic congressional leaders will avoid any issue dealing with homosexuality and abortion (except to modify the Mexico City policy).
  2. Russia will invade a former Soviet satellite nation.
  3. Olympia Snowe will break with Republicans to enable Obama to pass a major piece of his legislative agenda.
  4. Illinois Governor Blagojevich will voluntarily step down without being indicted or impeached.
  5. A Republican will win Virginia’s gubernatorial election.
I got 2 and 4 wrong.  Number 1 is only partly correct.  They would have liked to avoid the abortion issue in the health care bill, but pro-life Democrats pressed their case.  Congress also passed a hate crimes bill dealing with homosexuality.  Snowe voted with Democrats on the stimulus bill and Republican Bob McDonnell won the Virginia gubernatorial election.

Here's my predictions for the coming year:
  1. Republicans will gain 25 House seats and 5 Senate seats in the November election.
  2. Charlie Crist will fail to win his primary election.
  3. Continued protests in Iran will lead to a more violent crackdown from Iranian leaders.
  4. The cap and trade bill will fail to pass the Senate.
  5. Joe Biden will say something stupid and have to apologize to a world leader.
If you have some predictions of your own, please leave them in the comments section.

1 comment:

MrsM said...

Number 5 is kind of a gimme, right? Ha ha ha.

Hmmm....I think it's likely that this year we will "officially" go into another depression. Not that we're not already in one, but I think that someone high up in politics is likely to admit it this year-maybe even Obama himself.

For my own home state (Oregon) I predict fleeing corporations and failing small businesses thanks to measures 66 & 67, and that gas will hit $4 this summer.