Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 5: Websites for Undecided Voters, 2010

The election is less than three weeks away (November 2). Do you know who you are voting for? These websites can help.
  1. Your Local Newspaper: While most of the news you're hearing is about the congressional elections, you will most likely also have several state and local elections on the ballot. Ironically, these races will likely have more impact on your day to day life than the national races, but you know less about them. Your local newspaper will probably be your best source to learn more about these races. 
  2. Find out who is donating to the candidate's campaigns.
  3. and Find out if what the candidates are saying is true. 
  4. The New York Times politics page: There is a ton of useful information here. You can find out who the candidates are in each House, Senate, or Governor's race complete with campaign contributions, polling data, and district demographics, just to name a few. 
  5. CNN Election Center: Learn about the top issues and what is at stake in this election. Click on "My Election" near the top, enter your zip code, and you will find a lot of information directly related to your state and congressional district. 
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