Monday, November 1, 2010

Election 2010 Predictions

  • Number of seats gained by Republicans in the US House of Representatives:
    • Kevin- 58
    • Napp- 62
  • Partisan makeup of the US Senate:
    • Kevin- 51 Democrats, 49 Republicans
    • Napp- 50 Democrats, 50 Republicans
  • Florida Governor:
    • Kevin-Sink (D)
    • Napp-Scott (R)
  • Florida Senate:
    • Kevin- Rubio (R)
    • Napp- Rubio (R)
  • Ohio Governor:
    • Kevin- Kasich (R)
    • Napp- Kasich (R)
  • Ohio Senate:
    • Kevin- Portman (R)
    • Napp- Portman (R)
  • California Governor
    • Kevin- Brown (D)
    • Napp-Whitman (R)
  • California Senate
    • Kevin- Boxer (D)
    • Napp- Boxer (D)
  • Illinois Senate
    • Kevin- Giannoulias (D)
    • Napp- Kirk (R)
  • PA Senate
    • Kevin- Toomey (R)
    • Napp- Toomey (R)
  • Will we know which party will control the Senate by Wednesday? 
    • Kevin- Yes
    • Napp- No


Matthew said...

Good stuff guys! I don't really disagree with you on any of these, but I do think there are two races worth watching closely. I think Stickland is closing strong in Ohio and could win. Also, being a native of the Keystone state I'm not ready to give up on Sestak. Democrats always over-perform in Pennsylvania because of all the straight-ticket voting that takes place in Philly. I know Toomey has withstood Sestak's charge and is still a couple points up, but I think that one is going to be VERY close.

...and Napp, have you been smoking something out in California lately? Whitman? Really? I don't see that one happening.

Matthew said...

One last both have Sink as a Republican. I think she might resent that.

Napp Nazworth said...

Oops! Thanks for the heads up. I changed Sink from an R to a D and changed my prediction to Scott.

There are so many close races, it was hard to come up with these predictions.

It's possible, however, that we could see a GOP wave even stronger than the one I'm predicting, for reasons I mentioned in a previous post (see below).

Napp Nazworth said...

And, I should add, the CA Governor's race is a dead heat in the polls, a tough one to call, though.

Matthew said...

Napp, thanks for the heads up on your previous post...good stuff!!

This entire election season is difficult to predict because of enthusiasm. If the numbers are right and 2/3rd's of independents are breaking to the GOP it will be a HUGE night for Republicans. But the question is can Democrats rally enough people in a few battleground states (such as Nevada and Washington...and Florida) to keep some key Senate and Gubernatorial seats.

I can't wait and I'll look forward to more of your posts!!