Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Like Most About Ron Paul

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Republican Ron Paul is an unconventional candidate in many ways. I would appreciate other politicians mimicking Paul in at least one of those ways.

As I have watched Paul in the Republican debates, I've noticed that he does something unlike the other candidates on the stage, or even most politicians in general. After he is asked a question, he pauses to think about the question, and then he answers the question. Strange, I know.

The other candidates have obviously prepared their answers ahead of time on all the topics that they know they'll be asked about. Then, regardless of the question, they will most likely deliver their prepared remarks on the topic of the question. Even Herman Cain, who prides himself on being a "non-politician" does this.

This is not an endorsement of Ron Paul (Learning About Politics does not endorse candidates). When politicians do something that we appreciate, though, we should let them know, and maybe other politicians will begin to copy them.

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