Friday, April 6, 2012

VP Picks for Romney

Even though Mitt Romney is not technically the nominee yet, I don't think it's too early to offer my suggestions for vice presidential nominee. I did the same in 2008 when I suggested picks for Obama and McCain

The occasion also affords me the opportunity to express two of my frustrations. The first has to do with the way vice presidents are chosen. Too often they are picked to help the candidate win, and the most important consideration -- ready to be president -- is an afterthought. Out of this frustration, I have previously suggested that parties change how V.P. nominees are chosen.

Second, political experience is viewed as a negative, when it should be viewed as a positive. Like any professional job, experience matters, and business experience, though helpful, is not the same as political experience. This is why I prefer presidential and vice presidential nominees with some combination of executive and legislative experience, and experience at the national level.

Given that, here are 8 potential nominees, with a short summary of their political experience, that would meet those qualifications:

Sam Brownback: U.S. congressman, U.S. Senator, Kansas governor

Mitch Daniels: chief of staff for U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director, OMB director, Indiana governor

Nathan Deal: Georgia senator, U.S. congressman, Georgia governor

Mary Fallin: Oklahoma House member, U.S. congresswoman, Oklahoma lt. governor, Oklahoma governor

Bobby Jindal: U.S. congressman, asst. secretary of HHS for Planning and Evaluation, Louisiana governor

John Kasich: Ohio Senator, U.S. congressman, Ohio governor

Butch Otter: Idaho House member, U.S. congressman, Idaho lt. governor, Idaho governor

Rob Portman: U.S. congressman, U.S. trade representative, OMB director, U.S. senator